Data access. We're connecting the dots.

The world’s becoming a smaller place. And your people need the ability to access your applications and data, anytime, anywhere. So you need to make sure that connection not only remains secure, but provides a great user experience too.

We know it’s not always a one size fits all when it comes to data networking. So we’ll work with you to understand your business – and provide recommendations on the right mix of products to meet your needs.

Our customers tell us we’re pretty good at doing this as well. In fact, here’s what they’re saying:

"The end solution developed between Schlumberger and Macquarie Telecom is market leading and something that no Macquarie competitor is able to achieve."

Khurram Hashmi
Sourcing Specialist, Schlumberger
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"the single point of contact, the focus on customer service, and a team with great technical skills involved in our account from the start meant Macquarie Telecom was able to be real partners in our digital development"

Neil Hitchcock
CIO, Navitas

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