The SD-WAN Orchestrator makes it easy to monitor what’s happening on your network, prioritise your apps and configure new sites.

Even though it’s a user-friendly tool, it never hurts to have a helping hand to get started, so we’ve put together some short video tutorials to walk you through the Orchestrator’s features. They’re broken down by sections and tabs in the Orchestrator, so you can start at the beginning or jump straight in to the section you need.

Enjoy the Orchestrator!

SD-WAN Tutorials

Overview Tab

An introduction to the Overview tab, which provides a snapshot of your network.

Applications tab

Applications Tab

Instant reporting on trends within your network, by application.

Introducing App Prioritisation

Introducing App Prioritisation

A walkthrough of app prioritisation, and how to edit rules.

QoE Tab

Manage your data links in realtime with the QoE tab.

Sources Tab

A realtime view of the activity at each site across your network.

Setting up app rules

It’s easy to create app prioritisation rules. We’ll walk you through it.

Transport tab

Transport Tab

The Transport tab is a window into every link in your network.

Destinations tab

Destinations Tab

Instant reporting on the destinations your sites are accessing.

Managing firewall

Managing your Firewall

Instantly block specific apps or app features, with SD-WAN’s firewall.