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Customer Story: Uniting WA.

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Uniting WA is a leading community services organisation that’s driven by a commitment to address vulnerability and disadvantage.

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The challenge.

Uniting WA’s field workers are sometimes placed in situations which could threaten their personal safety. They needed a reliable mobile network that would provide coverage and signal penetration in all the right places. As a community care organisation, they also needed to bring their ongoing telco costs down and manage usage quotas using simple tools. They wanted to be looked after by a customer service team that didn’t need to be chased for an outcome at every turn.

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Macquarie Telecom.

Macquarie Telecom’s first interaction with Uniting WA was a collaborative, well-planned migration of their services. We provided a local project manager who worked with their teams to move each service without causing disruption. Compared to the “fend for yourself” approach of traditional telcos, this was an immediate revelation. We then set them up with FleetView, our simple tool that provides real-time spend alerts. As they navigated the uncertainties of COVID-19 and an unexpectedly-dispersed workforce, keeping tabs on their teams’ spend was vital.

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The difference.

From the day they moved to Macquarie Telecom, Uniting WA saw a 30% reduction in their monthly mobile costs. But just as importantly, they no longer experienced bill shock: FleetView alerts them as soon as a user or team exceeds their pre-set spend. Even though we provided a dramatic saving, we also covered Uniting WA’s people in more places, keeping them safe when an assignment took them into a risky environment. Above all, we built a strategic relationship based on a deep understanding of their business.


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"From that very first interaction, we could see that Macquarie Telecom’s people genuinely believed in being accountable"

Luke McNiece
Principal Practice Lead Commercial, Uniting WA

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