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Customer Story: Carways.

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Carways is a thriving transport company with a national presence across NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and ACT.

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The challenge.

Carways were fighting the tide with their old-school telco. Faced with network performance challenges that meant weekly outages, a complex billing system and consistently poor customer service, they realised it was time to look for a better telco experience.

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Macquarie Telecom.

Macquarie Telecom started by building a custom solution for Carways that deployed our innovative SD-WAN connected via Business nbn, alongside mobile service that increased their coverage but lowered their costs. We made it easy for them to set up remote offices, rolling out a fast, high-uptime network without delay, and transitioning their mobile users quickly, working to a timeframe that didn’t interrupt their work. Everything we did happened with a level of engagement that comprehensively outclassed their previous telco.

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The difference.

Carways are saving around 30% on their overall telco bill since moving to Macquarie Telecom. As well as reducing costs, we’ve made a big difference to the way they’re looked after, too. Our SD-WAN network doesn’t leave them struggling with frequent outages. Instead, it combines multiple networks (using MultiPath), to deliver uptime that traditional networks can’t match.

average bill savings

"We’ve had zero outages since we’ve migrated across. IN the past, at least once a week, one of the sites would have issues with either landlines or mobile service. As far as savings are concerned, we’ve reduced our bills by around 30%. And not only are we saving money - the quality of the service has increased too"

Patrick Kashani
IT Manager
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