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Situation - The obstacle of outages.

Carways started out in 1970 on a small block of land next to the family homestead in Hall, ACT. The company started with two trucks servicing local dealerships between Canberra and Sydney. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Carways continued to evolve and the demand for motor vehicle transportation grew. Today, sporting a fleet of 55 trucks, Carways is thriving with a national presence throughout Queensland, NSW, the ACT, Victoria and SA.

Before Carways consolidated and switched to Macquarie Telecom, they were in a holding pattern. With numerous contracts in place with multiple providers and no opportunity to negotiate, they were stuck with an outdated network, racking up unnecessarily high costs, burdened with a complex billing system, and perpetually poor customer service. As a result, innovation stalled, and the safety of the drivers was compromised.

One of the key company concerns is the safety of Carways drivers through day & night. Drivers need to be able to contact their fleet manager at any hour in relation to breakdowns or health issues. With Australia’s vast geography, drivers travel to remote areas and need to be connected to the best network available.

To improve safety, reduce costs and future-proof the business, Carways made the leap from its overly complicated contract to one which would help them drive innovation.

Solution - Let's get granular.

Carways needed better fatigue management; a massive issue throughout the transport industry. This stuck point was compounded by the fact that every state has different industry regulations. Each state clearly spells out rules around hours drivers can spend on the road, and how many breaks they’re required to take to name a few.

Working closely with Carways, Macquarie Telecom developed a network purpose-designed to meet their needs. This incorporated a full-service offering, including industry leading SD-WAN connected by business NBN, along with a mobile network with the coverage and speed that wouldn’t let them down. With these solutions in place, they were able to set up remote offices in a blink of an eye. These offices typically presented challenging environments, requiring customised offerings capable of handling these difficult conditions.

With Macquarie Telecom knowing the profile and customisation the business needed, even an office in a box solution is capable of immediate deployment, thanks to SD-WAN. These innovative measures ensure the company’s drivers are supported while cutting unnecessary costs and future proofing the business to deliver the quality services its customers, suppliers and subcontractors require.

‘Since switching our mobile and data services over to Macquarie Telecom, the savings and quality of the services we deploy nationally, have been mind-blowing,’ says Carways IT Manager, Patrick Kashani.

Results - Safer, smarter services.

Since the switch to Macquarie Telecom, Carways have had zero outages across the network. By increasing the uptime of network services, driver safety has improved, and Carways has been able to streamline the business. Macquarie Telecom’s solution also encouraged the company to develop a mobile application to simplify tasks and automate processes. Drivers can now use the app to electronically receive jobs, survey vehicles and receive confirmation of delivery signatures. To top it all off, after making Macquarie Telecom their provider, Carways has slashed its telecommunications bill by around 30%.

‘We’ve had zero outage since we’ve migrated across. In the past, at least once a week, one of the sites would have issues with either landlines or mobile service. This is no longer the case. As far as savings are concerned, we’ve reduced our bills by around 30%. And not only are we saving money – the quality of service has increased too,’ says Kashani.

Carways are now looking to the future with Macquarie Telecom’s business SD-WAN, NBN and mobile offering, to further build on the technology innovation to suit specific site requirements.

Here's how Macquarie Telecom makes things better for Carways:

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    Zero outages across the network since switching.

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    Improved safety of drivers.

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    Telecommunications bill has been slashed by 30% compared to the previous providers.

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    Service quality levels have increased significantly.

Carways uses the following services.

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Carways case study

How Macquarie Telecom helped Carways innovate for safety and efficiency.

Carways were stuck in a rut. They had numerous contracts in place, no opportunity to negotiate, stuck with an outdated network, racking up unnecessarily high costs , burdened with a complex billing system and perpetually poor customer services. Macquarie Telecom came in and solved all their problems.

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"Since switching our mobile and data services over to Macquarie Telecom, the savings and quality of the services that we deployed nationally, have been mind-blowing."

Patrick Kashani
IT Manager
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