Hassle free video conferencing.

When your teams are spread all over the place, working together can be tricky. If people are always hopping on planes for meetings, costs are up – and productivity’s down. But communicating through phone calls and email can make collaborating hard work as well.

With video conferencing, your people can feel like they’re working together in the same room – no matter where they are. And our system does it all without the hassle that some others can cause, so everyone can focus on teaming up to get the job done.

  • 1

    Easier management tools – troubleshooting and configuration, so that your conferences always run without a hitch.

  • 2

    Audio-only channels – if some of your people don’t have video hardware, they can still be part of the conference.

  • 3

    Flexibility –not everyone uses the same equipment. Our video conferencing converts a range of algorithms, speed matching and is compatible with most hardware.

  • 4

    Recording – if you need to look over your conference, or share it with people who weren’t there at the time, we can produce a DVD or downloadable file for you.