It doesn’t matter if your people are spread across the country, or even the world – they’re going to need to communicate and collaborate in person. And hopping on a plane for a two-hour meeting isn’t just time-consuming. It’s expensive too.

What is Unified communications?

Unified communications brings voice, video conferencing and desktop sharing together in the one place. And because our voice and data services are both on the same network, integrating everything is a breeze.

There are all kinds of options to choose from, depending on the type of meeting you’re hosting. Maybe you want to see all your participants online before conducting a survey or quiz. Maybe you’re looking to share your desktop, or even your apps. Either way, we can make it happen.

And although you can use unified communications for all kinds of things, one thing stays the same – and that’s the convenience and cost-effectiveness that comes with not putting your people on a plane every time they have a meeting.

What’s available?

Here are some of the main types of communication included in our unified communications services. Just click on any of the products to find out more.

  • 1

    A connected workforce

    Our technology makes connecting to each other easier – which makes a huge difference when it’s time to work together, too.

  • 2

    An easy integration with your applications and business processes

    With innovation that stretches all the way across the value chain.

  • 3

    More productivity

    Because of less travel, and less time spent waiting to be in the office to deliver.

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