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Case study: BPAY.

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Processing over $400 billion in online payments every year, BPAY is an important enabler of the Australian economy.

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The challenge.

BPAY’s internal data centres were approaching the end of their usable life, prompting the obvious step towards the cloud. To maintain their strong consumer reputation, data integrity and security were not-negotiable. With the critical launch of peer-to-peer payment service Osko in the Australian market, capacity and scalability were critical. Alongside these key criteria sat a commitment to reducing BPAY’s overall energy consumption footprint.

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Macquarie Telecom.

Macquarie started with a proof of concept to demonstrate the improvement to security, capacity and resilience their move to the cloud would deliver. Over 36 months, we migrated BPAY to our hybrid data centres, with scalable capabilities to increase their performance, automation, and system availability.

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The difference.

BPAY’s move to our hybrid public and private cloud had enabled much-needed agility and enhanced value for their customers. The increase in capacity has supported well over 40 million daily transactions, providing a rock-solid foundation for their Osko launch in Australia. Not only has our platform produced plenty of performance benefits, it’s also cut back their reinvestment in the ageing servers and network infrastructure they were operating. As for the future? As a company that is constantly optimising their services and launching new products, BPAY is now backed by a formidable cloud partner that will make it all possible.

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