What’s SIP trunking?

In the past, maintaining a telephone service in a large organisation wasn’t cheap – and it wasn’t efficient. But now that we’re well and truly in the digital age, more people are talking. And we know business is best done when you don’t have to worry about keeping your phone system up and running.

That’s where SIP Trunking comes in. It consolidates your voice and data services, while picking up the slack of unused capacity on your data network.  That means things like phone line rental costs and ongoing hardware maintenance are a thing of the past.

We’ve made administration a breeze as well.

New devices are ready to go the second you plug them into the network. Moves, adds and changes – which were once tricky processes that required an on-site technician – are as simple as plugging in and making your first call. And the person taking care of your admin will be able to keep track of everything with InView, our online management tool.

When it comes to down it, it’s the quality of the calls that matters most. The enterprise-grade core data network we use has 99.996% availability – the highest of any SIP trunk provider in Australia. So while we’re taking the hard work and the huge costs out of fixed telephony, we’re not taking away the call quality.

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    More visibility, and more control

    We built the InView management tool to put you in command of changes to your SIP network, no matter how big or small. You’ll have no trouble assigning numbers, optimising your voice network, setting up forwarding services, or pre-programming call diversions. And if you need to look over the costs, you’ll have cost reporting at the click of the button – broken down by individual, department or site.

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    Making the most of your investment

    Choosing SIP trunking doesn’t mean ditching your existing gear and starting again. We can use your existing compatible PBX, and your phone numbers won’t need to change either. Our service is compatible with key unified communication platforms like Microsoft Lync and Cisco Call Manager – but if you do need to integrate some equipment, we can give you a SIP ready ISDN option as well.

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    Cutting back costs

    We’ll pool your voice trunks into one central location to reduce line rental, and can increase your trunk group size in smaller increments if you need us to. And if you have unexpected peak traffic, our bursting channel feature can temporarily give you extra channels – without the extra rental charges.

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    Quality, consistently

    Our business-grade network has a target availability of 99.996% - which we’re proud of. We use advanced codecs to make sure your calls are always clear, and we back it up with Quality of Service (QoS).

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