The days of getting things done at the one desk, in the one office, are long gone. Now more of us need to be able to work wherever we are.

So how can you make it possible for your team to have access to everything they need, on any device they choose, without putting your confidential data at risk?

The answer’s remote access. Your employees will be able to access corporate data and applications on whatever platforms they’re using – Android or iOS, Windows or Mac. And because it works over the internet, it can be used from home or on the road, here in Australia or anywhere else in the world. And most importantly, it encrypts all your data and uses strong user authentication, so your information stays as safe as it should.

Secure Remote Access makes things easy for your staff, and easy for your IT managers. There’s no software to install or manage on any devices – and we host the core platform, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of another system. Taking care of the bill is easy too – we’ll send you one monthly, and it’s really simple to understand.

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    Secure Remote Access is “clientless” – so you don’t need to install anything, or keep specific software up to date. It’s all web-based as well, so once you issue someone with a user name and a password, they’re good to go.

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    Our 24-hour Network Operations Centre monitors all your traffic. And if you’re worried about whether or not your information’s being kept private, don’t be – we use secure sockets layer (SSL) technology with 128-bit encryption and redundant perimeter firewalls to keep everything secure.

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    Your users won’t all choose the same operating system. And you shouldn’t have to force them to. Secure Remote Access works with multiple platforms (fixed, and mobile), and popular business applications. It’s scalable too – from just a few users, right up to thousands.

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