We're #SoUnTelco - and proud of it.

We’re everything customers aren’t getting from their traditional telco. It’s because we offer the best business phone, mobile, data and cloud hosting customer service. We’re renowned for it. With a Net Promoter Score of +90, you can see we put our customers first. We treat them like part of the family and we know who they are. Our Hub contact centre is local which makes things even easier. The first person who takes your call, resolves your issue. Now that’s #SoUnTelco.


30 day casual plans for business voice and mobiles. Too often with traditional telcos you get tied down to your provider for as long as 36 months. Then you discover early on that there is no one to support you when you need it the most and in a time frame that is fast. If you do choose a casual plan though, you are virtually left on your own. We want to offer you the flexibility to experience our superb customer service without the heavy demands of a long contract.

We put you first.
And you love us for it.

All too often things seem easy when done online or over the phone, but with business critical operations, you need to know that the person providing your technology has your best interests in mind and not theirs. We come to you, when it suits you and create a set of voice, mobile and data solutions which for you. Our customer contact centre is local and always available and if you need us to fix an issue on-site, we are there in hours, not weeks.

A diverse network which guarantees reliability.

Being with a typical telco means that you are tied down to their network, and you’re also tied down to their network failures. With us, there is higher reliability as we can move across networks to get you up and running faster than any other provider. We know when there is a problem and we can move you seamlessly to another network, keeping downtime to a minimum. We can guarantee reliability which other telcos can’t.

We’re here, not over there.

If you ever sat down and converted the time spent on hold or in a useless conversation with a telco, how much would you have spent? There was a time when other telcos were actively taking customer care off shore, which is when we invested in keeping our customer care on shore. Our contact centre is local, literally in the heart of Sydney. It’s always available, and the person who answers your call is the person who resolves your issue. We’re here and we’re #SoUnTelco.

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Thank you for contacting us.