These days, most businesses need a high-performance data network to operate at their most productive. But as your business grows outside Australia, you’ll need a network provider to help you take care of any overseas networks – as well as the WAN you’re using here in Australia.

Macquarie’s integrated International Data service can do just that. By connecting your Australian-hosted applications with your business sites all over the world, your employees will have reliable access to applications, data sources, and other employees – no matter where in the world they are.

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    World-class performance

    The voice, video and data applications your business relies on will all be supported with the security and performance of a private IP network. Our solutions are designed specifically for each country you do business in – so you’ll have no trouble integrating your hosting and cloud services with both domestic and international data.

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    An easier way to manage your network

    With Macquarie’s InView service management tool, you can keep track of your whole network in real time – from receiving alerts and reviewing trends, to looking at your router and seeing how different applications use bandwidth. It doesn’t just give you full control over your network, but helps you respond to any issues that might pop up more quickly too.

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    Support on the ground

    We’ll manage your network all over the world, with a comprehensive Service Level Guarantee. That includes remote equipment, local access lines, and a dedicated Account Manager as well – who’ll have the support of our customer care team in the HUB.

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