Traditional landline networking isn’t without its pitfalls. It can be impractical (when it’s remote). It’s expensive (if you choose fibre optic). And it’s congested (if you’re running DSL). All of that leaves you paying for – and maintaining – a costly network service that doesn’t deliver.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet changes that.

It delivers the speed and reliability you need to do business, without the costs of complex infrastructure and installations. It can be installed in sites that are hard to reach and is scalable too – so it can grow as your business does.

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    It’s built for businesses

    We use a secure, redundant infrastructure – which we back up with comprehensive tools and Quality of Service. And if you’re running time-sensitive applications, our Fixed Wireless Ethernet won’t hold them back – it’ll help them to perform at their peak.

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    Our service provides low-latency, low-jitter data with a bandwith rate that’s comparable to Fibre

    And we’re not limited to a single carrier either, so you can configure your service across multiple carriers for added security.

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    It’s flexible

    Fixed Wireless Ethernet is easy to deploy in greenfield locations where a fibre installation might be tricky, expensive, or even impossible. So if your business needs to expand into new sites quickly, we can help you make it happen.

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    It’s fast

    When realtime business applications run over an inconsistent network, they can really lose their edge. Fixed Wireless Ethernet gives you consistent business-grade performance for applications that require large file transfers, streaming media, or access by lots of users at the same time. And with a symmetric bandwidth connectivity of up to 100Mbps – it’s a whole lot faster than standard DSL fixed services.

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