A big company. Even bigger possibilities.

BGC started out as a family owned property developer in the 1960s. That’s still the case today – but along the way, they’ve grown to become one of Australia’s biggest companies.

Today, BGC’s work spans residential and commercial construction, heavy road haulage, property ownership, mining, manufacturing and maintenance of building products. With such broad business interests, they needed a provider who could make things simpler – while still sharing their ambitions.

BGC went to tender to find new and innovative solutions to help improve their systems. Mike Wakka, Head of IT, knew their system was disjointed – and envisioned a service transformation that would take BGC into the 21st century. Teaming up with Macquarie Telecom meant taking some big steps towards that goal.

A simple solution is often the strongest.

With 56 independent companies making up the BGC blueprint, they needed a service provider that could stand up to the day-to-day challenges that come with so many companies across a range of industries.

That’s where Macquarie Telecom stood apart from the rest – offering a
straightforward solution that cut down on paper work and consolidated their communication services. Operating from the one simplified online platform meant we took the pain out of paying the bills. Our network coverage had the teams connected from Perth to more remote regions.

A partnership for progress.

Support and collaboration from BGC and Macquarie Telecom kept the roll out on schedule.

BGC have successfully made the switch to SIP from ISDN, and are now enjoying
mobile cost savings with the 4G footprint required – while our online portal has provided a central place where BGC can manage their reporting and billing. Now they’ve got more independence when managing internal reviews or exporting data. If any hurdles come up, they can easily contact the hub for support.

The end results for BGC has resulted in significant savings and efficiency gains via the online portal. It goes to show what can be achieved with a bit of cooperation and understanding.

Laying the right foundations for BGC.

When it comes to connecting a leading Australian company, simplicity is the key.

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"It’s rare in our industry to be supported by a supplier that has an interest in, and cares about, our business objectives outcomes, and have a positive outlook."

Mike Wakka
Head of IT
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