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Case study: V3 Leisure.

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Based in Western Australia, V3 is an industry leader in travel exchange technology. They help an array of travel businesses and destinations to increase their visitor presence through their data analytics and booking platforms.

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The challenge.

As V3’s environment and customer reach continued to grow, they realised they would need a robust local cloud solution to maintain their leadership in travel exchange technology. As they expanded into international markets across Europe and the Asia Pacific, they needed to be able to accommodate local and international cloud services - but managed by a single vendor.

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Macquarie Telecom.

We introduced V3 to our Launch private cloud platform. With a dedicated local availability zone and stringent SLAs guaranteeing 99.95% uptime, we were able to support V3’s guarantees to their own customers. The initial rollout saw V3 migrate their Australian instance across to Macquarie. However, their expansion overseas required a strong hosting partner in those markets. V3 chose Microsoft’s Azure to provide their global cloud services, managed by Macquarie Telecom. Their previous self-managed Azure meant every trouble ticket ended up in an offshore call centre and a genuine, collaborative partnership was not on offer. Not only were we able to offer them genuinely local service, but proven expertise in managing Azure, too.

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The difference.

V3’s partnership with Macquarie has already brought tangible benefits: rock-solid uptime, a single relationship with industry experts in cloud across all their international operations, and bullet proof security standards that provide proven assurance for their customers’ data and payment transactions. They know that as they roll out further expansion in the USA, Africa, and more parts of Europe, they’ll be backed by our onboarding excellence and subsequent service. Most importantly, V3 have seen their brand enhanced as their customers, including governments, have had confidence that their data is held within in an enterprise-grade infrastructure.

uptime SLA

"We get a level of comfort that the SLA of 99.95% uptime directly mirrors our own contracts. In terms of compliance, it also helps us to maintain our PCI DSS certification, which is essential for our core business."

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