Macquarie’s private IP-VPN is a carrier-grade, MPLS-based network – and it’s quick and versatile enough to support all your critical applications. You’ll have full service coverage across Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the globe, and none of the costs or complexities that come with owning your own infrastructure.

It works with any hardware and software you might already have in place. If your business is growing, it can grow with you – and with a whole range of comprehensive tools and QoS reports, you’ll have no trouble keeping track of everything either. Here’s how Macquarie’s IP-VPN can give your business a boost:

  • 1

    Superior performance

    We’ve designed our network to give you an always-on VPN experience. CoS and QoS help you prioritise your applications, and traffic is monitored all day, every day.

  • 2

    It’s a complete solution

    We can sort out all your WAN needs, including remote access, router leasing and management, Internet through VPN and WAN optimisation.

  • 3

    We’re flexible

    Choose from the top Australian carriers, as well as different access types and speeds. And if you need to change your bandwidth, or add new sites, it’s easy.

  • 4

    You’ll have comprehensive tools

    InView gives you an overview of your whole network, so planning, monitoring and troubleshooting is simple.

  • 5

    You’re backed by standout support

    We don’t just design, install and maintain your data network. We do it with a level of service you’ll be happy with.

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