Choosing a cloud services vendor is tricky.

Some you have no control of, with others you need to do everything. How do you find a provider that genuinely cares for your business and tailors the right solution?

Enter Macquarie Cloud Services. Cloud Hosting.

We’re a passionate team of experienced and insightful consultants, architects and engineers – all of whom are cloud specialists. No single technology fits every need. So, when we couldn’t find the perfect cloud we built our own. We allow you the flexibility to control your own resources or let us manage it for you. All sensibly priced.

We are Australia's specialists in cloud services for business and government.

We create flexible and fully-certified hybrid IT solutions, built on industry standard platforms and backed by government-approved accreditation.

Our business is locally run – including our powerful data centres – and supported by a team of passionate and experienced hosting specialists, all delivered through class-leading, friendly customer service.

Data Room
Customer service team

Our Team becomes your Team.

Our engineers, support specialists and consultants know the cloud inside and out, and work with our customers as an extension of their own IT team.

We get to know our customers – from each machine you have, to the apps you run and the people you employ. And when we promise to do something, it gets done. We’ve got your back.  All guaranteed by our renowned Service Level Agreements.

Click to see how our Personally Accountable cloud specialist become yours.

"...Through our partnership with Macquarie Telecom we
have focused on achieving economies of scale; in the long
term saving us millions of dollars without having to invest
in building our own facilities or managing them..."

Steve McEwan
Technical Services Manager, UTS
Macquarie Telecom partners with UTS to provide telecom services that offer great customer experience and service for any Australian telecom company