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User wants to connect. Pressure is on for Internet data. That’s where we come in.

Why choose us over a traditional telco for your internet data?

  • Future proof your

    We have years of experience and expertise to offer when it comes to data networking, and preparing your infrastructure for the future.

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  • We have an independent
    data core.

    With an independent data core and access to local engineers, you can rest easy knowing your data network is in safe hands.

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  • Access when and where
    you want it.

    Every business is different. So no matter where your data or applications live, we’ll find the most secure and reliable access type for you.

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What our customers say.

"What we have achieved by partnering with Macquarie Telecom is market leading in our space and has helped us build a stable platform for future growth, at the same time saving us $150k a year"

Mark Hindle
Head of Technology, Relationships Australia NSW
Relationships Australia

"...price is important but service is king. With thousands of endpoints to manage, having one system which can do that online - and one contact when you needed to talk to them who knew all about your account - is a real differentiator."

Neil Hitchcock
CIO Navitas
Navitas logo

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