Same screen web conferencing.

If you’ve got staff working at remote sites, it’s easy for them to feel like they’re out of the loop. Especially if they’re only taking part in presentations, meetings or training sessions through email or conference calls.

Our web conferencing changes all that. Using Cisco’s WebEx technology, it puts everyone in front of the same screen, even when they aren’t all in the same place – and can be used for everything from a simple PowerPoint presentation, to something more complex like an interactive question session.

  • 1

    Record your session

    If some people aren’t available for a meeting, you can record what’s being presented either on our server or locally, and share it with the team later.

  • 2

    Screen sharing

    Screens can instantly be shared, so that anything on the presenter’s screen appears in real time at each remote site.

  • 3


    Share images with your remote audience, and use mouse pointers and other markup tools to help whoever’s presenting run through the content.

  • 4

    Web tours

    Your presenters can pass URLs, scripts, cookies and session data to people taking part remotely, so they can also demonstrate interactive websites.

  • 5


    Team members can mark items on a slide presentation, and even make notes in the blank space on the side.

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