Two of the same.

When it comes to protecting products from faults, failures and accidents, Brightside have always read something a little different – cover as unique as the customers who purchase it.

It’s no surprise that those customers are the focus everything Brightside does. With aging technology and disconnected suppliers signalling time for an update in their telecommunications network, Brightside needed to find a provider – and a partner – who shared the same customer focus.

Service from the first step.

After meeting with a number of telcos, all offering their own idea of the right solution, Brightside eventually shortened the list down to Mark and the Macquarie Telecom team. Ultimately, it was Macquarie Telecom’s approach to one-on-one service and lasting relationships that made them the right fit.

By giving the Brightside team direct access to anyone they needed in the business, the costs of managing the solution were significantly lower from the beginning. They were able to spend less time trying to contact the right people, and more time focusing on growing the business.

A seamless transition.

Since Brightside first teamed up with Macquarie Telecom, they’ve found everything to be much more simple – particularly the billing system, which has come a long way from the spreadsheets Brightside’s previous supplier would send to the team.

“I really appreciate the integrity Macquarie Telecom has – Mark does what he says, and the business culture represents that. The intention is to provide a really good experience – not just from a pricing perspective, but also from a continuous relationship.” Says Tuan Tran, Brightside’s IT Strategy Manager


Brightside, Customer Study

A telecom provider should also be a partner.

With Macquarie Telecom, Brightside are in the perfect position to grow their business in exciting directions with the telco solution to match. And with their focus still fixed squarely on their customers, they can enjoy all the benefits of having a partner that shares that spirit as well.

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"Macquarie Telecom has created a situation of, How can we impress you next?"

Tuan Tran
IT Strategy Manager
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