Looking out for much-loved pets.

As the only group of animal hospitals in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains to offer genuine 24/7 care, with staff on site at WellPet Vets
Nepean 365 days a year, the WellPet Vets hospitals see plenty of furry and feathered friends coming through the doors of their three hospitals in Regentville, Blaxland and St Clair.

So to make sure they’re at the cutting edge of animal healthcare, the WellPet Vets team knew they needed a technology solution that would support the services they’re providing – and still have room to grow with their business.

That’s where Macquarie Telecom and our partner Outcomex came in.

Three hospitals. One solution.

WellPet Vets’ clinics offer 24hr emergency services, so having the technology to share patients’ information between each clinic quickly and easily was a must. So was building towards a simple, central point of contact for customers – so any new customers would have their calls redirected instantly to the right person across the three hospitals.

Macquarie Telecom teamed up with Outcomex to design and implement a Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure that made that happen – and then some. The Cisco Contact Centre product updated WellPet Vets’ SIP network, user profiles, voicemail and call routing, while a Cisco Network provided switching, firewalls and wireless LAN. And because the solution made the WellPet Vets network fully redundant, they never had to worry about losing important information.

A better network makes for a better practice.

The upgrade has led to all kinds of benefits for WellPet Vets. Through AQM and Cisco Media Sense, the reporting applications in the contact centre, the team has been able to improve their customer service – while offering a single point of contact to put customers in touch with the right people, right away.

The new and improved infrastructure has made it easier for the veterinary team to do their great work. Many of the machines they use – like the x-ray and ultrasound equipment – have been connected to a cloud storage solution, so the patient information can be accessed from any of the three clinics. Accessing the practice management software is just as easy.

WellPet Vets pride themselves on being there when you need them, because nothing’s as important as taking care of people’s pets. And with the technology that Macquarie Telecom and OutcomeX have implemented, providing that care is simpler, quicker and more effective than ever.

WellPet Vets case study

A pet project from end to end.

For WellPet Vets, round-the-clock care meant having round-the-clock tech support.

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"The new and improved infrastructure has made it easier for the veterinary team to do their great work."

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