Affordable and effective fixed-line voice solutions.

In a world of data connections and internet portals, fixed-line voice is still important to businesses. That’s why we’ve made sure our IP telephony services are as effective as they are affordable.

Our coverage is the largest of any service the country – so we’re in the best possible position to help your business with both outbound and inbound voice line services.

Outbound services are available as PSTN lines – which are great for small sites, and offer services like voicemail, call forwarding, and FaxStream Duet. With ISDN, your business can make the most of higher reliability, without the higher costs.

If it’s inbound service you’re after (like 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers, as well as international toll-free inbound numbers) you’ll also find the right service – with industry-leading activation, and options like customised call barring, mobile phone location routing, flexible call distribution, day of week and holiday routing, and realtime call flow management and reporting.

And because everyone needs different things from their service, you can get a tailored plan that suits your business – and receive the one invoice. We can combine your fixed-line services with data services too, so all of your telecommunications needs are in the one place.

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    The freedom to tailor your service, your way

    By bringing together a choice of technology and infrastructure across different sites, we can provide your business with a solution that ticks all the boxes.

  • 2

    A single service offering

    With one invoice, and the ability to monitor and control your services through our MacquarieView portal.

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    Account management

    Our account managers know their way around the industry, and know how to help your business with any products you have with us.

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    Customer service

    We have the industry’s leading Net Promoter Score for a reason – and we try our best to make that clear in everything we do for our customers.

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