Applications Tab.

The Applications tab presents information about bandwidth usage at an application level. It provides reporting that can help you make decisions about how to prioritise apps, and lets you drill down into specific apps to identify usage patterns across different sites or groups.

In this short video, we’ll have a look at the applications tab in the orchestrator.

The applications tab presents information using the actual names of apps, instead of just IP information. It does this by sniffing the observed packets to get an application fingerprint, and checking that against the list of two and a half thousand finger printed apps, this is also know as deep packet inspection. This list shows the applications being used on the network. You can sort by total bytes, bytes received, or bytes sent. Beside the total data amount you can also see what percentage the application uses of the total bandwidth. By default you’ll be able to see the top 10 applications, but it’s really easy to extend the list, just by clicking here on ‘others’. You can click on a specific application to see more detail, such as the top bandwidth consumers, and destinations for that application type.

Thanks for taking a look at this video about the applications tab in the orchestrator. You’ll find some more SD-WAN videos on our website. Bye for now.