A real commitment to customer service.

April 3 2018, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Telecom

It’s after hours. A senior administrator from one of our customers needs help. They’ve recently successfully migrated their mobiles to Macquarie Telecom and she reaches out to Project Manager ‘Thomas’, who despite the late hour assists with a provisioning change. All good, task fixed and a happy appreciative customer.

As the call is concluding a worrying realisation dawns on her. She’s left the office and her means of getting home behind. Her wallet is locked inside the office. Another reality sets in. She left her office keys at home that morning.

Oh no! How is she going to get home?

This is the email which was sent to us by the customer about the incident-

I wanted to share with you an experience I had with an employee of Macquarie Telecom last night that was unexpected and in my opinion, went well above & beyond the call of duty. The employee involved was ‘Thomas’ from the Mobile Operations team.

Our company recently migrated our entire mobile fleet to Macquarie Telecom which he had managed. As the Senior Administration Officer dealing with the project on our side, it was an extremely positive experience that went seamlessly due to his efforts. A great first introduction to the company.

I had raised an urgent issue with him late yesterday afternoon which would have been outside of work hours in Sydney and he still managed to have the matter resolved and called me back to advise the outcome. I had just left the office at the same time when during the call realised I had left my wallet, my means of getting home, inside our office. As I returned to the building with it now empty, another reality had set in. My keys to the office were at home.

‘Thomas’ enquired if there was someone local that I could contact to collect me and that he would stay on the phone until they arrived. Unfortunately for the time of night it wasn’t feasible or would have taken a considerable amount of time and without a second thought, he told me not to worry about anything. Within a few minutes an Uber car service that he ordered from his own account had arrived to pick me up. He checked that I felt safe with the driver and the next thing I knew, I was on my way home. He called back as I had just been dropped off to ensure I made it inside my front door and, knowing that trip can cost on average $60+, I asked how I could pay him back. He insisted the only payment he would accept was me finishing the night with a good meal and a great glass of wine before wishing me a good night.

I cannot recall a time when someone I have dealt with professionally went all out to put the safety & well-being of a customer first and in no way made it feel like it was done out of obligation. There is a standard of customer service I think we all recognise as being acceptable but this encounter was beyond anything I would have expected from a provider given my predicament was not of a work nature.

Am not sure if you have a recognition program for employees that really go all out but would be grateful if this could be shared with the appropriate managers and ‘Thomas’ be recognised for the way he represented your company.

I look forward to my future encounters with Macquarie Telecom.

We pride ourselves on the commitment each and every one of us makes to providing our customers with an exceptional standard of service.