The decade that was for nbn Co

As we look back at the 2010s, the most notable development in the telecommunications landscape has been the emergence of nbn™. With the first nbn services going online in 2010, it’s fair to say that the last decade was a ‘building’ phase for the government owned entity. The 2020s will define how companies capitalise on this infrastructure with the new business nbn™ now providing flexibility and performance for critical applications and branch sites. 
Despite the naysayers and negative PR for the consumer offering, in 2020 we see business nbn as a disruptor for traditional telco and internet providers. The question is no longer “should we embrace nbn?” but “who should we trust with our business nbn requirements?”

SD-WAN has reached maturity

Much like nbn, SD-WAN has spent much of the last decade in growth phase, with the emergence of the technology in niche start-up form, it has quickly grown to be a key networking technology globally. Amongst the multiple benefits it provides, SD-WAN’s scalability has driven serious consideration and demand from organisations whether they have ten, a hundred, or even a thousand sites.

While many competitors continue to flood the market, there are only a select few who have managed to innovate, establish an enterprise-grade offering and then scale globally. What has been interesting to see is how SD-WAN providers have jostled in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. A great example is the comparison of 2018 vs 2019 shown below:

Gartner Magic Quadrant – For WAN Edge Infrastructure


Migration to the Cloud

Migration to the cloud, and the emerging need to bring the cloud closer to the branch is only set to gain even more momentum with the arrival of the new decade. Whether you are planning to fully embrace the public cloud, build your own private cloud or take a hybrid route – consuming the ever-growing list of XaaS offerings while maintaining a private environment – there is no better time to ensure the network is efficiently designed and ready for the future.
One option is to leverage business grade nbn access links together with SD-WAN to create an agile and scalable network with the ability to support critical applications hosted locally, in a DC or public cloud.


Whether your next steps are migrating to the cloud, or improving the overall performance and visibility of your network with SD-WAN, Macquarie Telecom is here to help Australian companies operate smarter and more efficiently in 2020.

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