Traditional telcos are all about off-shore call centres. Lack of ownership. Waiting for the next person to solve your problem… or the person after that. Traditional telcos are about promises of attention which are forgotten the moment you shake on the deal.

At Macquarie Telecom, we do the opposite. In fact, we call ourselves the UnTelco.

We’re small enough to have a personal relationship with every customer, but big enough to deliver the performance, support and uptime you need.

Here are five ways Macquarie Telecom is completely different to the traditional telcos:

1. Goodbye, scripts and chat robots. Hello, humans.

Real customer service, right here in Australia.

We don’t send our customer care calls overseas. Everyone who calls Macquarie Telecom is answered by a real person in our Sydney call centre. We’ve made long queues and confusing voice menus history, and everyone in our call centre is informed and passionate when it comes to looking after your mobile fleet.

When you need help, a real person is right here to help you.

Real customer service
Huge network coverage

2. A network that’s better. From every angle.

Coverage that reaches 98.8% of the Australian population.

Our network is powerful, and currently covers more of the Australian population than Optus and Vodafone. we’re strong for in-building and underground reception too, so you can work in more places.

When it’s time for you to travel we make roaming easy, with roaming pack bundles available for more countries than the traditional telcos.

3. Mobility costs less with us. And it’s not just about price.

Say goodbye to lost productivity and time dealing with your telco.

First up, let’s talk about pricing. Our BusinessCap mobile fleet plans are the most flexible on the market. We offer pricing tiers that sit right where you need them, instead of bare-bones plans that are cheap but insufficient… or overpriced plans bundled with options your business doesn’t need.

Building the right hardware bundle for your business is simple too, with our Innovation Fund that takes away surprise exit fees as your fleet of users changes.

But there’s more to the idea of “costing less”. Every time your users wait on hold for an hour with a traditional telco, or an exec can’t access global roaming for 24 hours, your business loses productivity – at a cost. By taking away delays, downtime and lack of ownership, we save you money every time you interact with us.

Less mobility cost
Macquarie Telecom FleetView

4. Manage and control your fleet – simply.

Macquarie Telecom FleetView puts you back in control.

FleetView makes it easy to track usage and spend right across your fleet. It’s easy to keep track of usage and spend, for groups or individuals, in near real time. User profiles mean it’s simple to make sure everyone has the right level of access on their phone or tablet, and alerts delivered by email or SMS make bill shock a thing of the past.

It’s quick and simple to activate services like global roaming with a couple of clicks, and lost devices can be suspended instantly to prevent fraudulent use. It’s easy to set up new mobile services, too.

FleetView also helps you make decisions about your fleet’s future, with trend and cost centre reporting that make it easy to forecast and budget using meaningful data.

Even though it’s powerful, FleetView is easy to use. In fact, its modern interface makes the reporting from traditional telcos seem a little prehistoric.

5. Moving to us is easy.

No matter how small you are, we’ll project manage your move.

Its easy to put off the move to something better, because the process of getting there seems daunting and disruptive.

As the UnTelco, we make sure that our good relationship doesn’t end the moment you sign a contract. Every business who chooses to move to Macquarie Telecom is assigned a project manager. From the first phone to the last, your project manager will make sure you’re kept informed, help build a rollout schedule that works for your business (because we know one size doesn’t fit all), and provide fast support when the unexpected strikes.

laptop and mobile

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