Having a high-speed, consistent internet service is just part of doing business. So it’s good news that Australia’s NBN is giving our network infrastructure a makeover.

The NBN will be faster, more reliable, and immune to extreme weather conditions. And we can help you work out whether it’s time for your business to make the move.

  • 1

    Business and government are our specialty

    We don’t work with consumers, so all of our time and energy goes into knowing exactly what medium and large organisations need.

  • 2

    We’re backed by experience

    Twenty years spent working with complex voice and data network migrations, in fact. And we’ll draw on that experience when we move you over to NBN.

  • 3

    A resilient, path-protected backhaul

    Which put simply, means more uptime.

  • 4

    Ethernet VLAN solution

    So you’ll have fewer dropouts to worry about.

  • 5

    Better bundling options

    Our voice and data bundle includes four phone lines, to support telephone, fax and EFTPOS in your business.

  • 6

    More control, and more visibility

    With our online reporting, you can see how your network’s configured – and how it’s performing – in real time.

  • 7

    Standout Service

    Our service comes with a business-grade SLG and a 24x7 help desk, so we’re always around when you need us.

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