Powering Australia’s young talent to Superbike glory.

November 4 2019, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Telecom
Macquarie Telecom, Tom Toparis

Over the weekend, talented Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) rider Tom Toparis dominated the Motorsports TV Supersport Championship by taking two wins to bring his total to 14 out of 15 for the season.


After a closely contested battle, Tom kept his cool to take the chequered flag 13 seconds ahead of second place, and with it, the 2019 Championship.


Macquarie Telecom has been proud to sponsor the New South Wales hero’s bike as he sealed the championship and support him throughout the season.


We support people like Tom for the simple reason that we believe in the power of young Australian talent and its ability to drive our future. It’s the same reason we continue to only hire in Australia, invest in graduate programs and give young Australian IT professionals the training and career development training they need in our industry-leading HUB support centre.


Tom – whose impressive career has seen him take his skills all over Australia and abroad through multiple racing disciplines – is emblematic of the energy, hard work and determination our next generation is bringing to our country. We’re ready to continue to support this kind of talent and contribute to Australia’s ongoing success.


Best of luck to Tom and his team for the seasons ahead and we look forward to supporting him and other shining young talent across the country as we embrace the new challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

#SoUnTelco The shift from MPLS to SD-WAN is well and truly underway. Much like all shapeshifting technologies, the advocates are ready and willing to jump on board, while the naysayers think ‘change’ is a dirty word.


No change is ever without opposition. If you think back to the evolution from private server farms to the cloud – everyone wanted a piece of the cloud market and those that didn’t were quick to highlight it’s downside. SD-WAN is no different; while some vendors embrace it, others are focused on the complications and warn of the potentially costly mistakes of rolling it out.


Instead of ‘complicated,’ think of SD-WAN as a smarter way to build and run a network. By separating the access pipes from the network management, you’ve got a network that’s quick to deploy, simple to manage and delivers unparalleled visibility.


When weighing up whether SD-WAN will work for you, concentrate on four core areas: multiple links, application management, business-ready solutions and security.