Minister Fletcher’s Support for Independent NBN: a Welcome Message

July 10 2019, by David Forman | Category: Telecom

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher’s strong endorsement of the principle that NBN remain independent of any retailer was an important and welcome message to the market, Macquarie Technology Group said today.

Separating the monopoly infrastructure connecting homes to communications networks to drive competition and better services and prices was a core reason behind the creation of the NBN.

Telstra’s long history of abusing its market power to frustrate and delay competition through its ownership and control of the legacy monopoly copper access network had forced politicians and regulators to seek a permanent solution, and this led to the NBN.

Minister Fletcher was deeply involved in the industry through this period and it is heartening to see his strong commitment to a structurally competitive solution.

It is also encouraging that the Minister has confirmed NBN will not be privatised for some time.

NBN should be allowed the time and space to complete its rollout and establish a sustainable pricing model without having to ‘second guess’ how this would affect a privatisation process.