Are remote workers your weak cybersecurity link?

July 11 2024, by Quentin Miqueu | Category: Telecom
Are remote workers your weak cybersecurity link

Remote working’s not going anywhere. In this article, we’ll take a look at cloud-based security, managing rules and permissions, and applying the same degree of protection to on-premise and cloud-hosted data.

Modern work demands modern security

The way we work has transformed. Gone are the days of secure office fortresses. Today’s workforce is scattered, mobile, and vulnerable to ever-evolving cyber threats.

The problem is, the traditional approach to device protection outside the office isn’t up to the task. Device-level protection is a slow, outdated approach. It’s a constant game of whack-a-mole, with new vulnerabilities emerging faster than you can patch every single device.

Cloud security: your modern shield

The answer lies in the cloud. Cloud-based security operates at the user level, not the device. You set the security parameters for each individual, and it applies seamlessly across every device they use, anywhere in the world. Imagine instantly updating security protocols for an entire team without the delays and logistical juggling the traditional approach demanded.


Effortless rule management

In the past, updating systems was demanding on resources and introduced the risk of human error. Modern web security platforms offer user-friendly interfaces for setting rules based on individuals, roles, and teams. Drag-and-drop functionality for permissions and blacklisting makes setting and updating these rules easy – again saving time and resource.


Beyond the cloud

Security shouldn’t stop at cloud applications. Your on-premise systems and data need to be accessible and secure for remote workers too. That’s why a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) network with a wide geographic reach is becoming the trusted option. No more speed-crippling backhauls to a centralized VPN! In 2024, security shouldn’t come at the cost of performance.

The bottom line

Today’s data security needs a modern approach. If you want to stay ahead, it’s time to move on from the outdated, device-centric methods and embrace the power of cloud-based, user-level protection. With effortless rule management and seamless access for all applications, you can finally conquer the security challenges of a mobile workforce.

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