Macquarie Telecom expands global reach through Tata Communications’ network

December 11 2014, by Macquarie Technology Group | Category: Technology Group

10 December 2014: Leading integrated telecommunications and hosting company
Macquarie Telecom (ASX: MAQ) today announced a network-to-network
interconnection deal with Tata Communications, a leading provider of A New World
of Communications™.

The collaboration will expand Macquarie Telecom’s multi-carrier offering across
international data services via Tata Communications’ extensive global network.
The relationship will also position Macquarie Telecom as a new local Australian
partner for Tata Communications, expanding the company’s Australian / New
Zealand presence.

While a global agreement, Macquarie Telecom will initially leverage the relationship
to grow its footprint across Asia, capitalising on Tata Communication’s strengths
and market dominance in the region.

Heather Tropman, Group Executive Telco & Carrier at Macquarie Telecom says,
“Tata Communications’ global network reach, coupled with the fact that it owns and
operates the largest wholly-owned global network, is of significant value to us as it
will enhance our ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.”
Macquarie Telecom’s customer service is already high with the company boasting a
Net Promoter Score of +41.

Tropman adds: “Tata Communications is a reputable player known in the market for
its speed and accuracy with quoting as well as the installation of services. We’re
constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that will benefit our customers, keep
our products competitive and it was evident from even initial conversations that the
business goals of both entities aligned incredibly well.

“We know that 35% of Australian companies in our target market already have a
presence in at least one offshore location. In Australia, Macquarie Telecom is
known as a go-to business for hosting and telco, including all forms of domestic
data networking services. However, our international offering is still growing. This
venture will enhance our ability to deliver quality global service to more of our
customers who value a central provider for all of their telecommunications and
hosting needs.

“Tata Communications will allow us to offer very competitively-priced, flexible multicarrier
solutions in markets that were not previously on our shortlist of top
competitive locations, such as India, Africa, and the Middle East. It’s an incredibly
exciting time for our business.”

Allan Chan, President Market Development, Global Service Provider Business for
Tata Communications says, “We are pleased that Macquarie Telecom has chosen
Tata Communications as their provider for international data services. Both
companies will benefit from this relationship as it will enable Tata Communications
to grow its presence in the Australian region and allow Macquarie Telecom to
establish new markets for their products and services.”

Chan adds, “By combining Macquarie Telecom’s domestic offerings with Tata
Communications’ global network and dedicated customer service organisation,
Macquarie Telecom can further position itself as a one-stop-shop player delivering
the highest levels of quality and support anywhere in the world.”
“We’re looking forward to growing the relationship with Tata Communications over
2015 and into the future”, added Tropman.