Multi-Path does magic with multiple links.
Here's how.

Our SD-WAN uses clever Multi-Path technology to take two or more standard internet links and give you a high speed, high uptime data pipe. Unique to Macquarie Telecom, you can choose two different carriers for your links, too. This means that even if one carrier’s entire network goes down, the other will take over seamlessly so you’re not left in the lurch.

So what does Multi-Path mean for your business? Glitch-free VoiP calls, high quality video conferencing that doesn’t drop out, app performance that’s consistently fast, and next to no productivity-crippling downtime.

Let’s have a look at Multi-Path, in four simple steps.

Macquarie Telecom offers SD-WAN (known as SDWAN or software defined wide area network) and this diagram demonstrates SD-WAN's multi-path network management capabilities

Macquarie Telecom offers SD-WAN multi-path network management capabilities.

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