Macquarie Telecom is the UnTelco, which means we do everything differently to the old-school telcos.

When it comes to mobiles, that means local customer service, a powerful network and flexible pricing that’s designed around you (and not us).

Here’s whats included.

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    Three months’ free mobile access.

    For a limited time, we’re offering 3 months’ free access when you bring your fleet over to us. That means we’ll cover the access fees (and included standard voice, text and data) for all your mobile services for the first three monthly bills. And it means now’s the time to choose a better deal for your mobiles.

  • Right-fit data bundles + right-fit pricing.

    Let’s say you’ve nipped out to a café for lunch. Your favourite meal costs twenty dollars, but today they’re offering to serve you five meals for thirty dollars. Which one’s better value?

    This year, the old-school telcos have all pushed their mobile pricing up, offering excessive data quotas to disguise some hefty price rises.

    We’re not into selling plans with exorbitant data quotas to excuse pumped-up pricing. We know how much data our customers need for business, and our generous data bundles leave plenty of room for a big usage month.

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Transitioning to Mobile workforce

Network technology that doesn’t fall short.

Our business mobile plans offer exceptional value, but we don’t do it by taking away features you need to do business.

So when you bring your fleet over to us, you’ll have access to everything:

  • Wi-Fi calling – full access to calls and data in tricky buildings
  • 5G high-speed data – available on specific plans
  • VoLTE across our whole network – clear voice & fast data, together
  • 98.5% population coverage

It’s time to choose the business telco with local service and pricing that’s right for your business.

We believe that’s us, and we’re looking forward to having a chat about how we can make a difference to your business.

Talk to us about three months’ free (and real service for your mobiles)!

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