A business mobile plan that saves time.

There’s one thing more of us seem to have less of. And that’s time. So we’ll always go out of our way to make sure we aren’t wasting yours – and maybe even give you some extra hours to focus on what’s really important. Like watching your business boom.

When you’re managing hundreds of mobile devices, time can get away from you. So we’ve built all kinds of easy-to-use online management tools to cut back the hours spent keeping track of everything. – by helping you:

  • 1

    Manage all those everyday tasks – like reporting and activating new users’ sim cards – online.

  • 2

    Set up automatic alerts and barring policies, so your users never go over their limit again.

  • 3

    Buy new phones and services easily through our online shop.

For a lot of organisations these tasks require hours of work – and hours spent stuck on the phone with your Telco too. So we’ve taken the phone calls out of it – because as soon as you’re managing everything online, you’ll be saving some of that precious time.

We developed Managed Mobility for that very reason. It’ll give you more time to focus on what matters most, by helping you:

  • 1

    Configure, roll out and manage any updates for your Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

  • 2

    With 24×7 support – and guaranteed service levels.

  • 3

    Connect your users to our helpdesk to take care of any mobile issues your employees might run into.

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