Slide Why have one mobile network when you can have three? Sonny Mobility Specialist Sonny Forster

A mobile network choice. Managed online. Done.

Your users aren’t all the same.  Which means the type of mobile phone plan they need is going to be different too. That’s why we have access to all three major Australian carriers – so you can tailor your business mobile plans to suit your team members. And with our handy management tools, you can do it all online.

Why are three networks better than one?

There are plenty of reasons. Here are a few:

  • icon showing no phone service

    Are blackspots a bad things for your business?

    Give your team members a dual-sim phone and two plans – and they’ll never miss a call.

  • icon representing access to multiple mobile networks

    Find a plan that fits

    With Macquarie, you can assign users to a network based on what they need – but still manage every profile from the one online portal.

  • person with no signal

    We know a mobile outage is a major problem.

    Why not back up your technology with multiple mobile carriers?

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