We know what ‘telco’ means, and it’s nothing like us.

September 26 2017, by Luke Clifton | Category: Telecom

You pick up the phone, dial 1300-here-we-go-again, sift through the recorded option menu, and wait, wait and wait some more. By the time there’s an answer on the other end, you’re not sure whether you’re more furious about the reason for the call or the ridiculously long wait time to speak to someone.

And have you ever noticed how you’re greeted? “Thank you for calling, may I start with your account number?”. There are only two other places where people are known by a number: at the bank, or in prison. It’s impersonal, it’s lazy, and as it turns out, it summarises your whole relationship with your telco. You’re just a number.

In Australia, telco is synonymous with mediocre. It’s not just anecdotal. The stats tell the story: last year, the Telecom Industry Ombudsman received four times as many complaints as the Banking Ombudsman. Damning numbers for an industry that’s universally disliked and mistrusted.

At Macquarie Telecom, we’re flying in the face of an industry that stands for average. And we’ve got a stat of our own: we have the highest NPS of any company listed on the ASX. We quote this with pride, not arrogance, because behind the voice of our customers that have made us the NPS leader lies dedication, absolute passion and a refusal to be ordinary – right across our company. From coast to coast, we’re growing, hiring and investing in the people and infrastructure for the future of our industry. When you call us, you’ll be answered by a local team member who wants to own your problem or question, not find a way to transfer it.

Doing things, the opposite way is in our blood. We know what telco means, and it’s nothing like us. We’re #SoUnTelco and proud of it.