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5 Facts on ISDN Copper Disconnection:

Fact 1:
Businesses have time to plan their ISDN migration onto the nbn network.

Despite pressure from other telcos that businesses only have until the end of March to lock in the migration of their ISDN voice services, ISDN disconnection is only taking effect from 30th September 2019. Now is the time for businesses to evaluate their options and plan ahead. Ignore any pressure cooker tactics and take time to plan your migration carefully.

Fact 2:
You are able to access timing information about ISDN disconnection.

If you are concerned about your business voice services being cut off, see this factsheet from nbn™ or contact Macquarie Telecom to understand timings. While some businesses may have already experienced PSTN and Special Service disconnection letters, ISDN has different timing to these services up until 30th September 2019.

Fact 3:
With Macquarie Telecom you can continue to use your existing ISDN and PSTN products on the nbn network.

Copper is being disconnected and special services (like ISDN) will be impacted, however with our SIP ready ISDN and PSTN products you won’t need to invest in new voice equipment. Talk to us today to understand how this technology works.

Fact 4:
The tier 1 telcos don’t want customers to have flexibility and choice.

If you succumb to pressure from their existing telco to ‘sign on the dotted line’, your business is blocked from having flexibility and choice in the future. It makes sense for the tier 1 telcos to lock customers into their closed networks so they are able to continue paying off their expensive infrastructure. This is a fact they certainly don’t want to publicise.

Fact 5:
You need a clear migration plan to help your business plan and budget for copper disconnection.

Contact us today to get a future proof plan for your business voice and data services. We’ll map out key timings, delivery and budget to help you transition onto Australia’s largest broadband network. Also, in most cases we’re able to arrange no cost fibre install which allows your business to run on a network that’s not controlled by any one telco.


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