Making the change to Macquarie Telecom SIP Trunking.

So you have SIP already? We can still offer you a better solution. Our SIP Trunking Plus service is more cost effective, and has levels of availabilty, resilience and availability that no other network can match.

We’ll manage the process of transferring your SIP service from start to finish, making it simple, seamless and hassle-free. It’s just something that we like to do.

It even delivers new levels of reliability and up-time for voice networks with a business continuity plan. By ensuring service resilience even in major network failures, SIP Trunking Plus is a highly protected service.


Reasons to move to Cloud hosted SIP with Macquarie Telecom.

  • Macquarie Telecom guarantees business as usual

    Guaranteed business-as-usual.

    We have failover with zero downtime.

  • Meter icon green

    Online tools.

    You manage, organise and operate your call flow.

  • Australia map icon

    Local customer service.

    On-shore, available 24/7 and unrivalled.

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    Rapid scalability.

    React instantly to changes in your business.

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    Superior security.

    Backed by some of the most formidable cyber-security in Australia.

  • Money voice green icon

    Immediate cost reductions.

    You save money from the first month you're with us.

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Call Vault - bring your call recording management into the future.

Regardless of the SIP solution that you choose to suit your technology now, Call Vault is a service which you can add on easily. It is a cloud based call recording platform which connects to your SIP Trunking product via a private link. It is based on the number of licenses you purchase per number which means that you can have as few or as many as you need and can be assigned per number or per user. The captured call is then stored for you and you access it via your own online portal where you can group calls, tag and track them and archive according to your operating needs. You can then retrieve parts of a call or search for specific keywords. This is the next generation for your customer experience management.

Are you ready to move to the cloud? We can help you with this too. Talk to us.