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#1 SD-WAN Provider in APAC.

Trial SD-WAN for Free Macquarie Telecom’s SD-WAN gives your network better visibility, reliability and performance. See SD-WAN Demo

Hello, SD-WAN.

Take branch office networking as you know it.

Subtract slow rollouts, inflexible private circuits
and complex upgrades.
Add app-level visibility, rapid deployment
and high-performance cloud.

That’s the power of SD-WAN.

Macquarie Telecom SD-WAN. It’s about time.

Never miss a beat.

It’s about time your business stopped relying on just one network connection.

SD-WAN rethinks the way networks work, by using multiple links to make sure your connection stays live and runs fast. It lets you decide which apps should take priority over the network, too, so an influx of morning Facebook streaming won’t take bandwidth away from crucial business applications like video conferencing. And it even uses
clever forward error correction to make sure your calls and streaming are glitch-free.

For your business, it means saying goodbye to video conference jitters and slow SaaS, and hello to communications and mission critical applications that never miss a beat.


Take back control.

It’s about time you could actually see what’s happening on your network.

SD-WAN introduces a dashboard that puts you in control of your network. You can see which links are up or down, and how they are performing. You can even see which applications are using the most bandwidth – and restrict or prioritise them in real-time. And you don’t need an IT degree to do any of it.

We keep your data safe too, by encrypting it at a packet level, so that it’s completely secure from origin to destination.
The IT guys call it networking at Layer 7 instead of Layer 2. We call it taking back control of your network.


Deploy, not delay.

It’s about time you could grow your business without needing technical network consultants and waiting for big telcos.

We’ll have your new sites connected to the network in days, not months, and anyone can do the installation. Suddenly, on-site technicians are a thing of the past. It’s about twenty times faster than the industry standard deployment, and there’s only seconds of downtime in the transition. We can even deliver the power of your business network to remote or temporary sites that traditional tech can’t touch.

When everything else in business is complex, there’s finally an option to make networking simple.


#1 for SD-WAN.

It’s about time you could count on a telco to make networks work.
We realise that a network change is as scary as it is exciting, so it’s worth knowing that while SD-WAN’s technology is advanced, you won’t be experimenting blindly with the unknown.

Macquarie Telecom is the #1 supplier of SD-WAN networks in Australia, and it’s only with us that you’ll get the combination of network choice and diversity and the industry’s highest Net Promoter Score.

So lead your category without the risk. Choose #1 for SD-WAN.

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