Communication breakdown.

River Sands has covered the needs of the construction and water filtration industries in Australia and overseas for the past 35 years. They’re self confessed “small fry”, punching above their weight in a pond full of big, hungry fish. So, in order to survive and stay ahead of the game they need to be fast and efficient in everything they do, especially communications.

River Sands’ previous suppliers weren’t ever easy to  communicate with. They never talked face-to-face and their service could best be described as ‘over promise and under deliver’. River Sands needed to find a supplier – and partner – who could be trusted to keep them connected.

Taking a leap of faith.

After such a bad experience, it’s only natural that River Sands were highly skeptical of big promises. They’d been promised portal solutions before which never came to fruition, or were so difficult to use, they were eventually deemed unusable.

After an exhaustive process  involving comparison studies with several providers, River Sands chose to partner with Macquarie Telecom. The decision as made easy after reading the proposal and understanding the cost of implementing the user-friendly tools and services provided (like, MacquarieView and Macquarie Hub).

Hitting pay dirt.

Before the move to Macquarie Telecom, dealing with accounts payable and receivable wasn’t easy. Now staff simply login to the online portal and get exactly what they need straight away. Support is better too. While there was no guarantee of any support before, with Macquarie Telecom it’s as simple as calling the Hub or logging a ticket online. The follow-ups and problems are taken care of immediately.

Making the move is a leap of faith that has really paid off. With communications performing as they should, River Sands can focus on staying ahead of the competition and excelling at everything they do.


River Sands case study

For River Sands, staying connected meant taking a big leap of faith

Communications providers who didn’t communicate, complicated billing and barely any support put River Sands off ever wanting to deal with a telecommunications company ever. Macquarie Telecom asked for their trust and the opportunity to show just how much difference a customer-centric telco can make.

Download the River Sands case study here.

"It just made sense to go with Macquarie Telecom. They had a really strong process in place to do everything in a transparent and smooth way."

Rob Ferguson
CIO River Sands

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